After facing a Global Pandemic our behavior and the way we live has drastically changed. The way we work out has not been the expectation. In the blog today we will tell you what the biggest trends are now that professionals work remotely and do not have to go into the office during the year of 2021. 

1. The lunch break workout is back: 

The pandemic has made people take advantage of their free time in a different way. During the last year of quarantine workouts at 12 PM have increased by 67%. This has been encouraged because since you are in the comfort of your home and don't necessarily have to share a room with anyone you can show up after a workout without being judged. Some experts say this is the best solution to keeping your productivity steady throughout the day. 

2. Restorative fitness becomes even more important: 

The amount of stress and anxiety that these months of quarantine have caused people to look for alternative solutions other than medicine or therapy. This meant that it was time for workouts like Yoga, Barre and Pilates to be an important part of people's workout routine. These reached the top 5 most popular digital workouts.

The perspective on why you need to stay fit has also made a dramatic change. In the past people were way more concerned about achieving the ¨ideal¨body type. Nowadays people are more concerned with finding a workout that will keep their mind and body equally healthy. 

3. A Digital/ In person hybrid: 

A survey was made and 60% of respondents say they are looking forward to returning to a studio but they do not plan on stopping online workouts because it has been so convenient for them. Digital workouts have proved to be more time efficient and reduce extra expenses. 

4. Travel work out will become even more popular: 

The access that the pandemic has brought to both remote work and long-term travel will not stop people from taking a workout class with their favorite trainers. People will continue to work out with the trainers they love despite being on the move, this will be thanks to the accessibility of a digital workout. 

These trends are GREAT news for those coaches that have managed to get some independence and loyal customers during the pandemic. The reach you will have will only increase because of the new digital era.