Standing out in Social Media is no easy job. Nowadays we consume so much content that catching someone’s attention seems nearly impossible. Today we will give you some tips that will help you in achieving that. Social Media will be your biggest money saver. It will allow you to interact with possible clients and drive people to your online platform. 

  1. BE CONSISTENT: The biggest secret to staying relevant in any social media platform is to be consistent. Make sure to have a plan and stick to it. If you use your account once a month people will tend to forget you are there and choose different options. Make sure to share content consistently. 
  2. TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE: This step will be one of the most difficult to achieve because it involves taking a deep dive into your target client and understanding what they are interested in. You have to ask yourself questions like: Where is my audience located?, What are they interested in?, What do they like?, and What is the main problem you are solving for them. Once you have figured this out it will be much easier to create relevant content. As a trainer it is important to know that 81% of millennials work out, therefore using social media to attract your clients is even more important than before. 
  3. BE AUTHENTIC: This might sound a bit silly, or maybe you have heard it a million times, but it works like magic. Be yourself on social media and share your struggles, your wins, your goals and where you are at with them. More than one person will relate and see you as an example for improvement. 
  4. SHARE VIDEOS: Videos are the easiest way to communicate, this will help show the human side of your business and what you are selling. People tend to be twelve times more engaged with videos on social media. Using reels is the best way today to get more out of your videos on Instagram. A reel is a fun way to show your personality, join a workout challenge and challenge your followers to do it with you. 
  5. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: It is extremely important for you to create authentic relationships with your followers. You can do this by responding to questions quickly, sharing tutorials, asking for feedback, and sharing user generated content. Schedule Instagram lives where you work out with your followers or make Q&A´s where you can talk about your progress, what made you decide to train online, or your motivations. 
  6. PROVIDE SPECIAL OFFERS: This is the last step to your strategy. Once you understand what your clients need you will be able to make attractive offers for them. Give incentive to them to refer their friends or purchase more of your offerings upfront. This will have major benefits for your business long-term even if you have to sacrifice your margins a little bit short-term. Let your local followers know they can have personal workouts with you. Make appointments and create a community. 

Take some time to brainstorm and write what your first thought was when you read this. That will help you be on your way to coming up with a successful social media strategy.