Ever since the pandemic, the entire fitness industry has seen a tremendous surge in online content. In fact, the virtual fitness market is expected to grow 30.1% CAGR by 2026.

From gyms to individual fitness trainers, you see everyone from the fitness industry on the web. So, quite naturally, the thought of taking off with an online fitness class seems quite easy and lucrative at the same time. 

But the reality often turns out to be somewhat different for many fitness instructors. You think of a schedule, you set up a website, you do some basic offline and online promotions and eventually, no one turns up. This might make you wonder whether your fitness classes are worthy enough to be popular on the web. However, the strategy isn’t just about launching a class; it’s about the in-depth promotion you need to make sure your classes reach the right audience. 

Firstly, it’s very crucial to understand why you need to promote your fitness classes on social media. With thousands of businesses flourishing on the web, it often becomes confusing for the audience to verify the credibility of a fitness service. In your case, if you are not promoting well enough, your classes might not just be seen by anyone interested in joining them. So, in order to get there, here are six essential tips for promoting your live fitness classes on social media. 

1. Consistency is Key

Start off with your promotion schedule at least a few weeks before the actual class. But you need to figure out a consistent promotion schedule before you start the activities. So, if you choose to promote your fitness classes on Instagram or Facebook, try to build a schedule and post frequently on those days about your upcoming fitness classes. The more consistent you are, the higher your credibility rate for the audience. 

2. Go live for a quick demo before the actual class

With Instagram Live and Facebook Live features, you can easily show a quick demo of your upcoming class before the actual live date. This will not just help you promote your capabilities but also help the audience to comprehend the kind of class you’re about to do. 

3. Location tagging

Whenever you promote your content on social media, it’s very important to stick to a particular location at a time. This will not just help you in reaching out to a specific audience from a specific location but also improve your post’s visibility in that zone. 

4. Throw up a challenge

To engage more with your audience, you can always throw up a fitness challenge on social media. This will not just boost the morale of your upcoming class members but also help in building up a sense of excitement among your audience. 

5. Do a live Q&A

This kind of a video on social media will skyrocket your promotional activities instantly. You can answer comments pouring in directly from your viewers and chat with your audience on a live session to assure them about your skillset. 

6. Join social media communities

Whether it’s a Facebook group or an Instagram group, you can always join fellow fitness enthusiasts to cross-promote your classes. This will boost your overall presence on social media and help you in reaching out to a larger audience. 

Having said that, it’s still important to go for some hand-in-hand online paid advertising. But in case you’re not a pro at it, you can always start with organic promotion as discussed above and then hire someone to do the paid advertising for you. With consistent posts and live videos, your journey to being an online fitness instructor will only grow day by day.