How to make your live stream look and feel professional with little to no investment

1. Clear a space and aim for a solid background.

Having clutter in your live stream can make it difficult to focus and appears less put-together.

2. Use your phone or a camera over a laptop.

Many of the new phones have incredible cameras that provide top-notch video quality. Unfortunately, many of the current laptops still have lower resolution cameras that give your videos a pixelated, grainy look. 

3. Use a script or have key talking points planned out.

This will ease nerves by ensuring you know that your session is planned out and if you forget something, you have a reference sheet. This will make your audience feel as though your livestream was well rehearsed and is informative.

4. Lighting! Lighting! Lighting!

Having poor or dim lighting in your setup is the main contributor to making your livestream seem less professional. You are much more likely to retain an audience if you have a well lit video. Ring lights are a great solution and are very inexpensive.

5. Get a microphone

These are not very expensive and will take your livestream up several notches. Having high-quality, clear sound is vital to maintaining your audience. In our experience Airpods are very convenient for this as well.