There are exponential advantages to taking ownership of your own brand. With ownership comes the freedom to mold your platform into anything you desire. Oftentimes talented trainers get hidden under the veils of the companies they are working for, limiting the ability to develop a personal brand. By taking control of your name as a trainer, a plethora of doors open, allowing you to control the messages, images, and ideas that you desire without the pressure of a company’s PR or marketing team. 

Pros and cons of having your own brand:


  • Retain your client base
  • Your followers are currency. Owning your brand allows you to foster and nurture those relationships.
  • Control of brand messaging, beliefs, and imaging
  • Use your direct connection with your followers as a platform to share your POV on current issues, brand ethos, and to individualize the program as you see fit. 
  • Own your schedule
  • Taking control of your business allows you to create your own work-life balance. Take a sick day, head to the beach, or plan a vacation.
  • Gives clients flexibility. If they do not have the chance to tune in live, they can watch the recordings.
  • Develop a library of content and schedule virtual classes
  • Scheduling classes via Zoom allows you to have unlimited reach and capacity.
  • Develop customized programs and subscription packages
  • Film in your own personal space. This allows you to lessen overhead costs for studio rentals
  • Much more earning potential. Usually, bigger companies only pay around 5% of what they are earning from each class.
  • You are building a brand that is forever. Your name will always be associated with your brand and this creates longevity. 
  • You have control over the programs you create. In larger studios, they dictate what you say, what music you play, and what workouts you do. 


  • The responsibility of setting a good example is on you 
  • You are in charge of reviewing and producing all of the content
  • Managing expenses and financial burdens
  • Costs ( the cost of creating a good solution for yourself to manage your online business will cost you 5k-20 k up front and for every change after that you need to pay someone hourly.
  • All aspects of business operation fall on you (team management, marketing, customer management, retention, billing, liability...)
  • Inefficient technology tools ( most tools available were not made for creating an engaging online training experience, therefore you either have to spend a ton of money to customize those to your needs or create the wrong solution and lose many clients).