Courtney Paul
New York City , NY
Celebrity Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor. Strength Coach.
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For over a decade, Courtney Paul has set the standard for the New York fitness industry. He is licensed with the National Council for Certified Personal Trainer and has developed dietary routines and advanced fitness curriculum for high-end sports clubs including David Barton Gym, Boot Camp Republic, and Barry’s Bootcamp where he has taught his die-hard clients to sprint, squat, and strengthen their bodies and their souls for the past three years.

I have taken Courtney's classes for years. I recently started back with CPX at Limelight Fitness in Chelsea and it's exactly what I needed. The gym had become a major bore and have not been able to get the results I desired due to my lack of knowledge of proper technique. There is no way I could push my self on my own as hard as I do in this class. I get very necessary, constant form correction and a number of moves that rip up new muscles. I am always sore when I leave and thats a good sign of a return on investment!
Craig L.
Courtney Paul's group class is the highlight of my day. His is a 50 minute bootcamp class, almost entirely on high-intensity floor exercises. Your short cardio breaks is a run up the stairs and around the second floor. The way he paces the class, the way he uses music, and his infectious personality get the blood going! He pays close attention to form and makes corrections. He is always there for me showing me how to do something properly, or there with a lighter or heavier weight. What I like most about Courtney is that he genuinely cares about his clients.
Michael W.
Program Overview

CP60 is a realistic 360 approach to body transformation. The 60-day challenge covers everything from flexibility, cardio, strength training & most importantly, nutrition.

Each week you will have Three 50min live virtual semi-private training sessions & One 30min one-on-one session. Your personal goals will help customize your plan, achieving optimal success. These goals will be used to determine your cardiovascular training & precisely what needs to be added/subtracted from your diet.

In the first 30 days, you’ll focus on clean eating and portion control. You’ll learn and participate in a customized intermittent fasting schedule. Each week unnecessary items will be subtracted from your meal plan. All excess sugar, processed food, “healthy Houdini’s” (food that is marketed as healthy but actually it’s not) & empty calories from alcoholic beverages are eliminated. A considerable part of what makes CP60 so successful is the attention to detail and knowledge.


In the first 30, we learn the basics & lay the foundation. In the second 30 days, we execute what we have practiced. I will push you harder. I will hold you accountable. Results are inevitable.

The goal is that by the time you've reached your final 30 days of the CP60 program, you'd have an understanding of your body and its needs. Furthermore, you’ll have your nutrition is under control. Your energy level and strength have increased.


You can't out-train a poor diet and nutrition habits!

This program will take 100% dedication & focus, but it is guaranteed to transform your body, strengthen your mind & lift the soul!

Equipment You Need:

Loop Exercise Bands

Pull Up Assistance Bands

Registration closes on January 4th.

Bring a friend and get 15% off your package after you purchase.