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Instructor Highlights

Ingrid Clay
Celebrity Trainer
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Ingrid S Clay, from Lafayette Louisiana, graduated with a degree in Physics from Xavier University; a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A&T University; and her MBA from Simmons College. Her science background influences the way she views her fitness and nutrition programs, making them more effective with lasting results.

Jane Mcverry
Group fitness trainer
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Fitness has always been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. However it was not until a traumatic event in my life that it became the passion I fully dedicated myself to. During this challenging time, a group in my community pushed me to meet them in the park every Sunday to train them. Training them healed me and it was clear from the start that there was a special vibe beyond just getting physically fit. We exercised our bodies and the results spoke for themselves but more than that, we connected mentally, held each other accountable, shared resources and supported one another on our journeys.

Run Your Business Without the hassle

You have enough on your plate as it is. We provide the streamlined solution to charge for classes, private sessions, packages, subscriptions and more so you can earn more doing what you love.

Expand your reach

You are no longer limited to your appointments to make money. Get all the tools you need to offer an on-demand library, detailed programs, and challenges so they can keep improving even when they are not with you.

Drive accountability & engagement

Build a leaderboard and let them log their accomplishments. Send reminders and motivate your clients. Respond to their questions & increase engagement...

Our Products

Hosted Website

Enable your followers to see your background, buy your services, buy your class packs or become subscribers of your programs.

Custom Apps

We build an app that is branded for you so you can offer more flexibility and let your clients be a part of your community. Build your content library. Create challenges and engage with your clients.


All of our booking systems are automatically integrated with Zoom, Google calendar and Spotify.

Marketing Services

From Google and Yelp to Instagram, we will help you establish your reputation and attract more clients every month.

Studio (coming soon)

Professional video, lighting, sound and editing for your live and on-demand classes.

Dedicated support

Work with a team that understands your needs and wants you to grow. We are there for you when you need help.


Courtney Paul
Former Bravo TV Trainer

Partnering with Routine has not only made retention with my clients through COVID seamless but it allows me to continue to grow my business. Their team is always there when I need help.

Oliver Lee
Former Peloton Trainer

Before Routine I was spending 5-6 hours every week on administration work. Routine has been an amazing platform for my clients and I to train together with ease. My app has been a convenient and reliable place for my clients to access my content.

Ingrid Clay
Barry's Bootcamp Senior Trainer

What I love best about Routine is the response times, their quick turnaround time, how they can cater my app to my specific needs! It’s amazing!!!! They made the process of building an app less daunting!! Now I am able to grow my income a lot faster than I thought without investing a ton of money up front.

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